Genres of Writing

Writing Academic Papers

Grammar and Mechanics

  • Modal Verbs: A guide on how to use auxiliary verbs, called modal verbs, to denote necessity, possibility, prediction, uncertainty, or suggestion. (From UNC Chapel Hill)
  •  Using Verb Tenses in Scientific Writing: Provides explanations for what verb tense to use in each section of the scientific paper. (From U of Melbourne)

Writing Effectively

  • Improving Coherence with Signal Phrases and Transitional Words: Link your ideas more clearly and more effectively by using signal phrases and transitional words.
  • Reverse Outlining: This self-editing tool helps to check for problems with organizational structure, thesis, and flow of your paper. (From Mt. San Antonio College Writing Center)
  • Upgrade Your Verbs: An extensive list of academic verbs that you can use to replace “do,” “say,” “make,” and other vague verbs.
  • Finesse and Polish: Helpful reminders when looking for sentence-level issues to polish your writing before submitting.



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