Workshop & Webinar Materials

This page will host links to the recorded graduate writing webinars and other related handouts and materials.

Webinars can also be viewed on the Graduate Writing Coach YouTube page.

Academic Writing

Critical Thinking and Research Questions
This webinar/workshop discusses a series of analytical questions that can help with knowledge-building essential to conducting research. Strategies for creating and developing strong research questions are also discussed.

Introductions for Academic Papers
An effective introduction that is both captivating and informative can be puzzling. This webinar discusses key features of introductions for academic papers, with particular focus on research papers.

Writing Strong Paragraphs
This webinar will focus on identifying elements of strong and effective body paragraphs in academic writing. This workshop will also introduce strategies for building strong paragraphs that are focused, coherent, and well-developed.

Integrating Sources and Evidence
Successful academic papers rely on sound and credible evidence. But how can we make sure we’re using sources ethically without sacrificing style and flow? This workshop will describe common strategies in integrating sources, with particular focus on academic expression. We will also consider in detail steps to avoid plagiarism and to ensure that we understand ethical use of sources as professionals in training.

Revising and Proofreading
Tackle your final stages of writing by learning about effective ways to revise and proofread your work. This webinar will discuss how to check for logical flow of information, coherence, and argumentation, as well as proofreading strategies.

Transitions and Coherence
Learn strategies for using transitions to develop papers that cohere. Focus will be on techniques for effective transitional/signal phrase use and building content bridges to improve flow.

Course-Specific Assignments

Writing Literature Reviews for CMGT 540

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