Workshop Schedule

Several workshops are offered each semester on various writing topics in both academic and professional settings. There two distinct workshop series offered: Writing Workshops and Grammar Hour.

Writing Workshops will focus on specific writing skills development topics such as the writing process, rhetorical features of different genres of writing (report, reflection papers, literature reviews, theses, dissertations, annotated bibliographies, etc.), individual parts of written assignments (introductions, thesis statements, paragraphs, conclusions, reference pages, etc.), and best practices for academic written assignments (avoiding plagiarism, integrating sources, academic expression).

Grammar Hour workshops will focus on the mechanics of academic English and are intended to aid students to identify common usage issues and learn strategies to address them.

Contact Francesca Gacho for any questions or suggestions for workshop topics.

Fall 2018 Workshop Schedule

These workshops are intended to introduce writing strategies for academic papers and give students an opportunity to draft (or revise) during the sessions. Students are strongly encouraged to bring a draft to make the most of the workshops. You will share your writing with peers and the Writing Coach for constructive feedback during the workshop.

Workshops are open to Annenberg Communication graduate students only.

Part 1 Workshops: Sept 10 – Sept 20, 2018
All workshops are in ASC 225, unless otherwise noted.
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Creating a Writing Plan
Friday, 09/14 at 2pm in ASC 231
Get writing! Learn how to prioritize, manage, and complete tasks and goals to make your writing projects more manageable. The workshop will focus on practical approaches to managing short- and long-term writing assignments, as well as tools to stay on task.

Critical Thinking and Research Questions
Thursday, 09/13 at 930am in ASC 328
Wednesday, 09/19 at 430pm
This workshop will discuss a series of analytical questions that can help with knowledge-building essential to conducting research. Strategies for creating and developing strong research questions will also be discussed.

Writing Long Papers
Wednesday, 09/12 at 130pm
Thursday, 09/13 at 5pm
Thursday, 09/20 at 130pm
Long papers such as research essays, dissertation chapters, master’s theses, and articles require planning and strategizing. This workshop will discuss best practices for planning, writing, and managing long papers. We’ll also discuss a series of analytical questions that can help with knowledge-building essential to conducting research.

Introductions for Academic Papers
Monday, 09/10 at 930am in
 ASC 204
Tuesday, 09/11 at 5pm in ASC 236
Wednesday, 09/19 at 130pm
An effective introduction that is both captivating and informative can often be puzzling to write. This workshop will discuss key features of introductions for academic papers, with a particular focus on research papers.

Thesis Statements
Monday, 09/10 at 4pm in ASC 204 (new time and location!)
Monday, 09/17 at 11am

This workshop will discuss how to develop argument-based thesis statements as well as features of strong and effective thesis statements in academic writing.

Writing Strong Paragraphs
Tuesday, 09/11 at 130pm in ASC 207
Tuesday, 09/18 at 2pm
Tuesday, 09/18 at 5pm
This workshop will focus on identifying elements of strong and effective body paragraphs in academic writing. This workshop will also introduce strategies for building strong paragraphs that are focused, coherent, and well developed.

Integrating Sources
Friday, 09/14 at 11am in ASC 231
Monday, 09/17 at 2pm 
Successful academic papers rely on sound and credible evidence. But how do you make sure you’re using sources ethically without sacrificing style and flow? This workshop will describe common strategies in integrating sources, with a particular focus on academic expression. We will also consider in detail steps to avoid plagiarism and to ensure that we understand the ethical use of sources as professionals in training.

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